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No posing for the camera, No awkward faces, Just you and the people you love

Tricia and Tom are artists first and foremost. With years of experience working on feature films, TV shows, and commercials all around the world they have perfected the art of emotion. When you think about it that's what films do, evoke emotions. That's what we intend to do, recreate the feeling of your wedding day.

We know that everyone is different. You might not be a cocktail hour kind of couple. Maybe you're a picnic and bike ride couple. Or a record store hunting couple. Or a Star Wars game night couple. Whatever you're into, we want to put your personality into your film. 

Get creative with us. We would love to hear your ideas!

Idlewild Films Catalog

Idlewild Films Catalog

All Categories
All Categories
New Orleans

Aimee & Curtis

Jessica & Kenny

Kelly & James

A Film Made Just for You!

Pricing Starting at $2,500

If you are interested in working with us, please reach out and we can discuss the particulars. Since our content is catered to every individual person, our pricing varies. Package pricing never has exactly what you’re looking for, so we love to center our sessions and pricing around your personal wants and needs.


We not only want to capture your special moments, but we also want to build a relationship with you along the way. We have multiple payment options and want to work with you to make the best film for you!


To get started, please reach out to receive a free estimate! We will be back to you as soon as possible.


New Orleans, LA

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